Hayden LeBaron

Software Engineer

About Me

Hi, my name’s Hayden and I’m a software engineer. Most of my experience is in full stack mobile and web application development.

My top skills are Functional Programming and Matching Parenthesis



Software Engineer II

Jan 2023 - Jun 2023


Tech-Enabled Gig Economy for the Hospitality Industry

  • Full stack Web and Mobile development with a React / React Native front end consuming a GraphQL API, backed by a ReasonML eventing/job system and a PostgreSQL database.
  • Empowered Marketplace Ops, building tools to activate churned users.
  • Entrusted with on-call prod support shifts, code review, hotfixes.

Software Engineer I

Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

  • Delivered a W2 MVP on a squad of 3 devs in 2 months, enabling new enterprise clients to use the platform compliantly.
  • Rebuilt legacy p2p referral payout system using the Stripe API, reducing fraud and tech debt.


Senior Capstone Project

Oct 2020 - Dec 2021

Check it out!

Agile Goal Tracking and Task Management App

  • Conducted user research, tests, and experiments.
  • Researched technologies and decided on a cross-platform Flutter / Dart mobile app backed by Firebase Cloud Firestore.
  • Led a student team of 4 devs and 1 designer during implementation. Pulled my weight and more.

Porch Software

Junior Software Engineer In Test

Nov 2019 - Feb 2020


Insurance Technology Focused on Advisors

  • Programmed automated end-to-end tests on an Agile QE team.


University of Utah

BSc Computer Science

Jan 2018 - Dec 2021

GPA: 3.6

Selected Coursework:

  • CS6510 Functional Programming
  • CS5340 Natural Language Processing
  • CS4230 Parallel Programming
  • CS3190 Foundations of Data Analysis



Musical programming language

Wrote the specification and implementation of a Compiler for a Solfège-oriented music PL optimized for writing instrumental quartets. Features MIDI transpilation and instant audio playback. Implemented as a Racket (Lisp) module language.

Sweaty Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe for try-hards

Haskell implementation of a souped-up, 2-player NxN dimensional tic-tac-toe game. Features an HTTP server that tracks the results of every game ever played on all client instances, thereby immortalizing each glorious victory and shameful defeat!

Santorini Player

CSP-solver strategy bot

Plays the pure-strategy board game Santorini. The bot can play against other bot instances, logging the progress of the game with printouts until a winner is reached. Written in Racket (Lisp).

N-gram Language Models

Probabilistic NLP bigram and unigram models

This Natural Language Processing project uses training text to create, unigram (no smoothing), bigram (no smoothing), and bigram (add-one smoothing) language models. The program allows the user to estimate the probability of any given string string under the language model(s) generated by the training data. Implemented in Python.

Quantified-Self Location Dashboard

Data visualization for Google Takeout location data

Data Analysis project written in Python that visualizes location data from Google Takeout. The user inputs a file path for downloaded JSON Google Takeout location data and the coordinates for places of interest to see an analysis of time spent at those locations.

Markdown Wiki Cartographer

Visualization for markdown wikis

Python script that generates an image of a directed graph, representing the structure of a markdown wiki.

Tank Wars

An online multiplayer tank game created with C# / .NET, written with an MVC architecture and OOP patterns. Features a SQL-backed high-score Web Server.

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in programming languages and tech some of my other interests and hobbies include, piano, travel, philosophy, patristic theology, language learning, and zettelkasten.